Some Modern Technical Ways Of Tracking Criminals

Tracking criminals in the past was a very difficult task for some of our security architecture due to the lack of technological advancements in tracking methods.

But in this morden day, tracking down a criminal has become much more easier and faster than ever before thanks to technology

In this article i will show some of the innovative ways to track down any criminal suspect are you.

Some Technical Ways Of Tracking Down Criminals Suspects

Keep Up With Social Media Trends;

Some times it is very hard to stay on top of all of your own social media platforms, let alone someone else’s.

So how can you make sure your social media profile is up-to-date and relevant for customers? Use a site like Social Mention or Google Alerts to follow mentions of your company across social media channels.

You can also employ monitoring tools like Raven Tools or Hootsuite that give you news alerts, competitor analysis, and detailed reporting. If you have time to spare, manually scan through your profiles once in awhile too.

Even if it is just a few minutes every week, you might find an opportunity to engage with fans or respond to negative feedback and if nothing else, it will keep you in touch with what people are saying about your brand online.

Sign Up For Pre-crime Alert Services;

In an effort to track criminals before they act, pre-crime alert services like Citywatcher are making it easier for everyday citizens even the and police to receive alerts on crime in their area.

Simply plug in your zip code, and you will be able see what crimes have been reported by users nearby.

This allows people especially those who work or live at night to avoid being targeted as prey by criminals.

It also gives law enforcement officials a heads up if something is about to go down.

The service has proven so effective that it was recently featured on Fox News. With over 2 million registered users, there is no doubt that these kinds of applications will only become more popular.

Create A Network Around You

Networking can help you find leads, potential investors, and connect with experts in your industry who can provide advice and guidance.

Connecting with other professionals helps establish your credibility and will make people more willing to work with you.

Plus, networking is fun! You will meet new people and learn about what they do and they will learn about what you do too.

And when it comes time to pitch an investor or customer, knowing someone on a personal level can be invaluable. So reach out to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and anyone else you know professionally.

Introduce yourself by email (or LinkedIn) and ask if they have any ideas for how you could take your business to the next level. It never hurts to ask!

Start Using New Technologies Like AR, VR And AI

This brings us to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The two are different in that VR shuts out your real-world surroundings and immerses you in an entirely artificial world, whereas AR overlays computer-generated images on top of what you are already seeing.

An early example of AR is something like Google Glass; even though it is essentially just a wearable computer, it projects information into your eyesight as if it were all around you.

More advanced versions of AR are already being developed for things like self-driving cars and smart glasses.

It is not hard to imagine that both technologies will eventually be used by law enforcement agencies perhaps one day soon, a suspect will have his face scanned by police wearing smart glasses, which would then pull up his criminal record or other relevant informations from police databases.

The same goes for VR: imagine being able to visit a crime scene without leaving your office that is what using new technologies can give you as a security expert.

Educate Yourself On The Tools Available

It is easy to get caught up in TV shows and movies, thinking there are all kinds of devices at our disposal, but in reality we don’t have nearly as many resources available.

A little research into local law enforcement tools might make your detective work much easier. There may be hidden cameras on traffic lights or security cameras located throughout city streets that you can access.

There may also be ways to search for criminal records online, or you could use social media to track down someone who has been arrested previously.

Practice Safe Techniques While Online

Online security is an issue that everyone needs to take seriously. With current technology, it is easier than ever for criminals and hackers to get access to your information and steal your identity.

Protect yourself by practicing safe browsing habits when you are online. Use caution when opening emails from unfamiliar sources and be careful about sharing personal information on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

If you think you might have been hacked, contact your IT department or law enforcement as soon as possible.

Start Using Location Trackers, Like Ankle Bracelets or GPS Trackers In Your Car

While such techniques might seem like something out of a TV show, most law enforcement agencies are utilizing some type of tracking mechanism when pursuing criminals.

In some cases, it may be as simple as using an ankle monitor with GPS tracking; other times, they will assign two or more officers who will follow and track your movements on their own.

The point is, you can give yourself better odds at getting away if you realize that someone is monitoring your location!

Use Smart Home Gadgets To Keep An Eye On Things At Home While you Are Out

Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular, with products such as Amazon Echo, Nest Cam, and Google Home all coming out in recent years.

These products are useful because they allow you to remotely keep an eye on things in your home while you are away from it, helping you keep an eye on potential break-ins or other security concerns.

If you have smart home devices, use them to their full advantage! If not, consider purchasing some they can be very helpful for keeping track of criminals.

Get Into Body Cameras And Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is taking off. More and more people are turning to cameras as a way of monitoring their own safety, whether in police uniforms or for personal use.

In this present days now, it is becoming increasingly clear that these devices has started tracking criminals too.

Wearable technology is looking set to have an impact on everything from policing and military operations to insurance claims. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to know how it works.

Employ A Behavioural Analysis Software

Many law enforcement agencies have begun using behavioral analysis software in investigations.

These programs are designed to predict future criminal activities based on an individual’s past behaviour.

It is now possible for police departments to perform digital surveillance of social media accounts and web sites visited by criminal suspects.

The Department of Homeland Security has even used behavioural analysis tools during counter-terrorism efforts.

So, if you are looking to track down a criminal, it might be worth considering your own online footprint first.

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